In order to create famous brand, improve enterprise popularity and establish enterprise image, we insist on the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality and customer satisfaction", and solemnly promise to you with the principle of "the most preferential price, the most thoughtful service and the most reliable product quality" :

I. product quality commitment:

1. Quality control of the product layer by layer, each process is responsible for the technical backbone, each producer has undergone rigorous technical training to ensure that the product qualified rate of 100%.

2. So the instruments are strictly tested before they are put into storage, and qualified indicators can be put into storage. The instrument needs to be tested again before leaving the factory, and after confirmation, it will be packed and shipped.

Ii. Product price commitment:

1. In order to guarantee the high reliability and advanced quality of the product, the systematic material selection is made of domestic or international quality brand products.

2. Under the same competitive conditions, we sincerely offer you the most favorable price on the basis of not reducing the technical performance of the products and changing the parts of the products.

Iii. Delivery time commitment:

1. Delivery date: as much as possible according to the requirements of the user. If there are special requirements and the work needs to be completed in advance, our company can specially organize production and installation to meet the needs of the user.

Iv. After-sales service commitment:

1. Service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough

2. Service goal: the service quality wins the customer satisfaction

3. Service efficiency: to provide users with video technology guidance, remote installation and commissioning, operation and use. It can also provide professional and technical personnel on-site installation, commissioning, guidance and use, and the cost is borne by the buyer.

4 .The principle of service: product warranty period is 12 months, during the warranty period the supplier will be free repair and replacement of damaged parts belong to the quality reason, warranty parts damaged, only accept cost, provide fittings by the buyer's equipment damage caused by human factors, the supplier repair or provide fittings are at the cost price.