China Oil and Natural Gas Corp Ltd Jinxi Petrochemical Branch

2018-10-27 13:37:13 108

In May 2005, the Quality Inspection Center of China Oil and Natural Gas Corp Ltd Jinxi Petrochemical Branch undertook equipment renovation, with a total investment of 6 million RMB. Dalian Beigang Petroleum Instruments Co., Ltd. has become one of the three suppliers of domestic petroleum instruments. As a result of providing instruments and equipment for Party A for many years, Party A has a better understanding of our instruments, and we have received the love of Party A. The larger part of the order, the larger amount of money, has been given to us, only BSY-108D kinematic viscosity measurement. We signed 8 sets. In June 2005, the goods arrived at the buyer's site. According to the expert's evaluation, the instrument can adapt to the corrosive medium occasion and the working environment of brine because of the use of PTFE as the stirring prize, sensor and heater of the outer sheath. The stirring motor with its own fan can work continuously for 30 days without changing parts for several years. The instrument has high temperature control accuracy and good stability. It fills the blank of domestic corrosion-resistant long-life kinematic viscosity tester and reaches the international advanced level.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is used as the external protective material of agitator, sensor and heater, which has played a very good role in corrosion protection. Dalian Beigang Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. has applied this technology to other corrosion-resistant instruments and has achieved good results, which has contributed to the revitalization of science and technology in the motherland.