BSY-100A Automatic Detection and Protection Monitor

2018-11-03 13:55:11 78

        This instrument is developed for the purpose of monitoring the operation of instruments and equipments in unattended conditions, in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry and Organics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Automatically record the working state of the monitored instruments and equipment. If the monitored instruments and equipment fail, the protector will automatically alarm and turn off the power supply to avoid accidents. The instrument uses 32-bit ARM processor PLC as the core device, Cortex-A8 processor as the data storage processing unit, built-in 64MB DDR2 memory, and has 8K ferroelectric storage. Fully meet the high-speed processing speed and data security requirements. It can monitor 4 instruments or equipment at the same time. It also has the function of a paperless recorder, which can record the temperature change of the monitored instrument from power on, draw the temperature change curve, and store it in the column of historical curve. After the test, the temperature curve of a moment can be consulted by the historical curve.

        It also has the function of setting temperature. When the temperature control of the detected instrument and equipment fails, it exceeds the set temperature. The instrument automatically alarms and closes the power supply of the test instrument, and stores the overtemperature time and temperature value in the historical data column. Avoid disasters caused by overheating.

        In order to prevent the working state instrument from being inactive, "setting temperature" and "monitoring stop" are carried out at the "parameter setting" interface. The instrument has been calibrated before leaving factory. If you need precise calibration at a certain point, you can click on the "parameter calibration" interface to calibrate the parameters. Access to the "parameter settings" and "parameter calibration" interface requires the password provided by the manufacturer.