Automatic Flash Point Tester (Closed-cup method)

Automatic Flash Point Tester (Closed-cup method)/ Automatic Flash Point Tester/ Closed-cup Flash Point Tester/ Flash Point Tester/ Petroleum Instrument/ Petroleum Tester/ Testing Equipment

BSY-102B Automatic Flash Point Tester (Closed-cup method)|Automatic Flash Point Tester|Closed-cup Flash Point Tester|Flash Point Tester|Petroleum Instrument|Petroleum Tester|Testing Equipment|
This instrument conforms to the national standard GB / T261 and ASTM D93. It is suitable for determining the lowest temperature when the mixture of vapor and air is heated under the specified conditions by closed cup method.

1 Automation level: Industrial ARM32 bit patch core processor, automatic completion of the test process. The data can be exported by U disk, and processed by computer, so as to realize environmental protection office and paperless detection.

2 Control system: industrial PLC programmable logic controller is used, after three anti-paint treatment, so that the instrument is safe. The 7-inch tablet touchscreen allows you to complete the test without training.

3 Operating System: Windows CE Embedded Operating System, full Chinese Operating Interface, arbitrary page switching, easy to operate, automatic printing results, super large capacity storage function, can store tens of thousands of data and curves.

4 Safety performance: automatic diagnosis, overtemperature alarm and automatic cut off the heater power supply, test to complete the alarm function.

5 Stainless steel heating tube is heated and has long service life.

Technical indicators:

1 power supply: AC220V±10%  50Hz

2 heating power: 400W

3 Ambient temperature: 10~30

4 Test range: room temperature to 300

5 Resolution: 0.1

6 Repeatability: 2

7 Reproducibility: 4

8 Lifting mode: automatic tilt.

9 Detection mode: It has the function of prompting all Chinese operating software, automatically correcting atmospheric pressure and calculating correction value; differential detection, automatic correction of system deviation, with experimental date, test time and other parameters prompt

10 Data output: opening, ignition, testing, printing test data automatically completed by microcomputer.

11 Ignition mode: electronic ignition, gas flame, forced air cooling.

12 Size: 400*350*300