Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester (Reid Method)

Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester For Petroleum Products (Reid Method)/ Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester (Reid Method)/ Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester/ Vapour Pressure Tester/ Petroleum Instrument/ Petroleum Prodct Tester/ Testing Equipment

BSY-112Z Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester For Petroleum Products (Reid Method)|Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester (Reid Method)|Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester|Vapour Pressure Tester|Petroleum Instrument|Petroleum Prodct Tester|Testing Equipment|

This instrument conforms to national standard GB/T8017, ASTM D323 is suitable for the determination of gasoline vapor pressure, and can also be used for the determination of saturated vapor pressure of volatile crude oil and other volatile non-viscous petroleum products.

1. Automation degree: industrial arm32-bit chip core processor, which can automatically complete the test process. The data can be exported through usb flash disk, and processed by computer later.

2. Control system: industrial-grade PLC programmable logic controller is adopted, which can be treated with three anti-painting to make the instrument secure. The 7-inch tablet touch screen can be tested without training.

3. Operating system: WindowsCE embedded operating system, all-chinese operation interface, arbitrary switch of page, simple and convenient operation, automatic printing results, super-capacity storage function, which can store tens of thousands of data and curves.

4. Safety performance: automatic diagnosis, over-temperature alarm and automatic power cut off of the heater, and alarm prompt function completed in the test.

Technical indicators:

1. Power supply: AC220V ±10% 50Hz

2. Machine power: 2000W

3. Environmental temperature: 10 ~ 30℃

4. Motor power: 25W

5. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 50℃

6. Temperature control accuracy: 37. 8℃ ± 0. 1℃

7. Pressure range: 0~160kpa German origin pressure transmitter. accuracy±0.2%

9. This instrument is designed for two vessels, and two samples can be tested simultaneously

10.Vessels automatic rotation Angle is 350°

11. External dimension: 970*400*560mm