Automatic Engine Coolant Freezing Point Tester

Automatic Engine Coolant Freezing Point Tester / Engine Coolant Freezing Point Tester / Freezing Point Tester / Petroleum Instrument / Testing Equipment

BSY-188A Automatic Engine Coolant Freezing Point Tester

1 Automation level: Industrial ARM32 bit patch core processor, automatic completion of the test process. It supports 

online monitoring and downloading, and is more convenient to use.

2 Control system: The industrial PLC programmable logic controller is adopted, and the instrument is safe after three 

anti-paint treatment. 7 inch tablet touch screen, without training, can be completed according to the screen prompts.

3 Operating System: Windows CE Embedded Operating System, full Chinese operating interface, arbitrary page switching, 

easy to operate, super large capacity storage function, can store tens of thousands of data and curves.

4 Safety performance: automatic diagnosis, overtemperature alarm and automatic cut off the heater power supply, test 

to complete the alarm function.

Technical indicators:

1 Power supply: AC220V±10%  50Hz

2 Instrument power: 2000W

3 Two hole bath: two samples can be made at the same time

4 Ambient temperature: 10~30

5 Bath temperature range: room temperature to -75

6 Temperature control accuracy:±0.1℃.

7 Size: 1000*450*550

8 Weight: 70kg