Automatic Benzene Crystallization Point Tester

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BSY-182A Automatic Benzene Crystallization Point Tester |Benzene Crystallization Point Tester|Crystallization Point Tester|Petroleum Instrument|Petroleum Tester|Testing Equipment
This instrument conforms to the national standard GB/T3145,and is suitable for determining the crystallization point of benzene.

1、Automation degree: industrial arm32-bit chip core processor, which can automatically complete the test process. The data can be exported through usb flash disk, and processed by computer later.

2、Control system: industrial PLC programmable logic controller is adopted, and the instrument is safe and secure after three anti-painting treatment. The 7-inch tablet touch screen can be tested without training.

3、Operating system: WindowsCE embedded operating system, all-chinese operation interface, arbitrary switch of page, simple and convenient operation, automatic printing results, super-capacity storage function, which can store tens of thousands of data and curves.

4、Safety performance: automatic diagnosis, over-temperature alarm and automatic power cut off of the heater, alarm prompt function completed in the test.

Technical indicators:

1、Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

2、Machine power: 1200 W

3、Environmental temperature: 10 ~ 30℃

4、Bath temperature measuring range: - 20℃ to 50℃

5、Bath temperature control precision: ±0.1℃

6、Temperature sensor: Ptl00 thermal resistance

7、Sample test precision: ±0.01℃

8、This instrument is designed for two holes and can measure two samples at the same time

9、Refrigeration mode: compressor refrigeration

10、Use electromagnetic stirring: 60 times per minute

11、Dimensions: 530*450*380